DE&I 2024 Calendar with Links


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Calendar by Leading Culture Solutions recognizes holidays and observances from different cultures, groups, and religions. The calendar provides links for more information and ideas on being inclusive. Customize it as per your team’s needs and encourage everyone to contribute. Learn about each other and increase your sense of belonging.



The Leading Culture Solutions Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Calendar is made for your team to explore and recognize a variety of holidays and observances. Included are some dates celebrated by different cultures, groups, and religions around the world, but this is by no means a comprehensive list. It is a starting point for discovery. You will find links that explore more about the observances and some entail ideas on how to be inclusive.

Please make this calendar your own. Add and adjust observances that are relevant to your team. Encourage your DE&I Council and Employee Resource Groups to take the lead with crowd sourcing dates to include from your whole team. Learn more about each other’s identities, interests and beliefs while growing your knowledge and increasing belonging.