Collaboration Partners

The LCS team brings a powerfully diverse set of skills and experiences designed to support every step of your organization’s journey. Whether you’re launching a DE&I journey, transitioning leaders, or developing your strategic plan, our team members love facing challenges and exceeding expectations.

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Andréa Hawkins

Andréa brings more than 20 years of experience leading insurance and healthcare culture transformation. Andréa holds a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior with a focus on Change Management. She is a ProSci Change Leader.

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Managing Partner

Shannon Burke

Shannon brings 20+ years of experience, working as a nonprofit leader and educator, utilizing multiple perspectives to build strong teams, increase community engagement, and create school and public programs. With a human-centered approach, she helps organizations develop inclusive spaces and practices for internal and external stakeholders. 

Oliver 6

Collaboration Partner

Oliver Scholes

Oliver is a historian and educator with over 10 years of teaching and programming experience in higher education and the nonprofit sector. His work focuses on using history to inform our understanding of the present and building dynamic spaces for productive engagement with complex subjects.

Star 2

Collaboration Partner

Esperonsa "Star" Martinez

Esperonsa has 15+ years of experience in instructional design & adult education. Esperonsa has 12+ years of experience in business consulting & marketing. Esperonsa assists organizations through holistic planning with a person-centered approach, she has successfully integrated these strategies with proven success at 25+ organizations across multiple industries. 

Alexandra 6

Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Hernandez

Alexandra is a graduate of Mount Saint Mary's University, where she held internships that leveraged her strengths in communication, teamwork, and organization. Her work is centered around helping people share their experiences to create a more empathetic world.

Nancy 1 (1)

Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Taylor Ross

Nancy is an experienced leader that helps organizations expand and build capacity. Nancy uses her innovative, customer-focused experience to design and implement strategy using operational leadership while embedding financial discipline. She has transformed organizations, driving growth and improving operational and financial results. 

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Tameca Akum

Collaboration Partner

Tameca is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a people champion and culture cultivator who approaches her work with passion and purpose. Throughout her career she has helped organizations effectively translate their business objectives into HR tactics to support the vision, culture and needs of the organization, which leverages, empowers and maximizes employees’ potential. 


Vanessa McGee

Collaboration Partner

Equipped with 15+ years of experience in corporate and academia and a Masters in Organizational Psychology focused on training & development, Vanessa’s expertise lives in fostering human connection and creating climates where individuals can flourish both professionally and personally.