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What if fear and faith were binary? Ask yourself every time you set out on something new: “Do I choose fear or do I choose faith?” And no, it can’t be a mix. While making anything binary is typically not our jam, this week’s guest stopped Erin in her tracks when she talked about fear and failure and being mutually exclusive. What would change in your life if you had to choose? Andrea Hawkins, the owner of Berkins Blend Café (Erin’s favorite coffee shop) and CEO of Leading Culture Solutions, talks with Erin Hatzikostas about everything from her incredible intersection to find her husband to how she believes diversity is the answer to many of her company’s goals. Essentially, they talk coffee, culture, and community. Erin kicks off by asking Andrea about her story and journey to marry her husband. It’s a story full of chance meetings and intersections that both led to marriage and to Berkins Blend. But it wasn’t all easy. In the midst of trying to open a coffee shop, Andrea got two job offers at the same time, so after helping her husband set-up and open a business, she immediately jumped on a plane to start a new job, flying back and forth every weekend between her work and her business.  Erin then asks Andrea how she and her husband were able to get past the inertia of starting a business and begin to do something they were truly passionate about. Andrea talks about how they built a supportive relationship over time that has massively helped them, both personally and professionally. Andrea discusses her desire to change the way companies approach diversity and inclusion…to move away from it being a separate strategy, and instead approach new strategies with diversity and inclusion fully engrained in the process. Erin asks: “What’s the difference between a company who can enact change, and one who stays put?” Andrea says the first thing is a real commitment from the top, putting money behind it, and deliberately incorporating it into strategies. Following this, she also talks about the importance of executives expanding their network. She says, “You have to get out there and be uncomfortable.” Erin asks her how everyone cna feel like they’re making an impact and changing things at work, even if they’re not a CEO. Andrea says that everyone can bring a unique perspective to the table. everyone has their own authenticity, and everyone struggles with who they are and why they are here, but if you find what works for you, you will be able to bring so much more to the table. Andrea shares a story of when she had a moment of clarity about who she was and what she should be doing, when a masseuse told her “You cannot live in fear and faith, so choose one.” They close by talking about how Andrea managed studying, working, and raising her daughter. At one point she had four jobs, worked night shifts, and studied during the day so that she was able to be in a position to make choices, and not have choices choose her. She now instills the same mentality and attitude in her daughter, who she also wants to grow up with the ability to choose a life for herself.  Get in touch with Andrea, or even find her for a coffee: Berkins Blend Café: 1003 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT % 21 Oak Street, Hartford, CT To preorder Erin’s book You Do You(ish):   Follow Nicole on LinkedIn:   Follow Erin on LinkedIn:   If you like jammin’ with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Here are some options… Check out the b BRILLIANT career coaching program @   b Cause Podcast Facebook group @   We even share more crazy stuff here (you probably thought that was impossible). Take our simple, fun and insightful “What Kind of Dog Are You At Work?” by going to   We have so much fun stuff going on…we wouldn’t want you to miss out – join the authenticity movement and our community by adding your email just about anywhere @   Check out our blog for more of our no-BS career advice @   We have fun and inspiring t-shirts @ DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsustainable for younger audiences.  Tweetable Comments: “Chance meetings and intersections, I think that’s what life is really about.” “I think I’m missing a strand of DNA around fear.” “I’m responsible for my happiness. I’m responsible for the bad decisions I make over and over.” “If you looked at my resume you would say ‘who is she?! What is she trying to be?” “I love to take chaos and create order.” “If I see people from different countries, with age diversity, gender diversity, and I see people with different abilities. Then I know you’ll get some innovation out of that.” “Everyone can bring a new perspective to the table.” “My authenticity is about generosity.” “I see people struggling the most with who they are.” “You cannot live in fear and faith.” “You need to do well, so you can have choices, and choices don’t choose you.”