When People Belong, Organizations Thrive

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Leading Culture Solutions helps you navigate organizational change with forward-thinking strategies allowing everyone to thrive.

Welcome to LCS, a boutique consulting firm focused on the most important aspect of your organization - humans.

We believe the strongest organizations and best leaders are curious, nimble, and open to change.

Focusing on small and medium-sized companies in various sectors, we help them achieve culture transformations and position them on a forward path to sustainable change.











We know that when it comes to organization design, one size does not fit all. Our customized solutions are tailor-made to meet each company’s unique needs and specific journeys. The results?

Increased productivity, innovation, retention and overall success. 

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Why our clients trust us:

Coaching to LEAD

"This service has empowered individual staff by helping to close the knowledge gaps of DE&I while providing them with the needed skills for follow through actions/planning."


Community Conversations

"One of our staff's favorite types of sessions. Full of great information and hands on activities, an employee favorite!"

- Coverys

"LCS strategically helped us map out how to simultaneously do internal work with our staff and engage all of our stakeholders..."

- Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council

Online Learning Courses

Our proprietary learning management system allows for 24/7 self-paced learning opportunity. Perfect for organizations who manage multiple work shifts. Some topics include:

The Business Case for Change

Introduction to Inclusive Language

History of Underrepresented Communities

When you are ready for change, we are ready to help.